Claire O’Leary

University of Warwick, United Kingdom
Claire O’Leary

I am passionate about the transformational possibilities of an internationalised education and the challenges and rewards of intercultural exchange. My Bachelor’s degree was in English and French, and I recently completed a Master’s in intercultural communication. Professionally, I have more than 20 years’ experience in international student experience roles at three UK universities. At Warwick, I am responsible for enhancing the experience of inbound international students, promoting integration between domestic and international students, and internationalising the student experience for all. 

I have had the pleasure of serving as a member of the Mobility Advising Expert Community since 2015. I have contributed to its development and growth and to raising awareness of the role advisers play in ensuring interculturally enriching study abroad. I have contributed to an EAIE publication on mobility advising, and I am an EAIE Academy trainer and regular conference presenter.  

If elected to the role of Chair of this EC, I would strive to offer colleagues working in this field an inspiring network and community of practice. The last 12 months have been incredibly challenging for mobility staff globally; it is vital that we redouble our efforts to ensure mobility opportunities remain available, accessible and highly valued. 

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