Claire Cox

Griffith College, Ireland
Claire Cox

This is a job share with Elena Vinci.

My name is Claire Cox and I have been working for the past nine years as Deputy Head of the International Office at Griffith College, Dublin. My role is to support the Director of the International Office in leading internationalisation in the college.

My expertise lies in managing and developing partnerships and study abroad programmes, recruitment, advocating for internationalisation and strategic planning. I have many ideas on how I can support EAIE members working in the area of strategy and management, particularly from a smaller institution’s perspective.

Additionally, I am an international advisory board member of the National Youth Council of Ireland and an active member of the Forum on Education Abroad, the Association of International Education Administrators and the NAFSA association of international educators, and I have been for many years.

It would be my honour to continue to use and share the knowledge and skills that I have gained over the years working in international education to serve the EAIE and this Strategy and Management Expert Community.

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