Christian Yeomans

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Christian Yeomans

This is a job-share with Duleep Deosthale.

My name is Chris Yeomans, I am Deputy Director of Edinburgh Global, the University of Edinburgh’s International Office. Over the past fifteen years I’ve developed a strong understanding of leadership and management in higher education, working in a diverse range of strategic and leadership roles. I’ve been a university lecturer and warden of a student hall of residence, worked in Brussels as part of the European Parliament’s Education Committee, led on international strategy work at Universities UK, and for the last six years have worked in leadership roles within universities in Scotland, developing innovative internationalisation strategies and managing highly international teams of higher education professionals.

I feel strongly that questions of strategy and management are for the whole higher education community, not only for senior leaders and decision-makers. All higher education professionals have a role in improving decision-making and setting the future direction of their universities and departments, and I’m keen to contribute my expertise, skills and ideas to ensuring that the important discussions and opportunities offered by the EAIE’s Strategy and Management Expert Community are as inclusive as they can be. I would be honoured to serve as a member of the Steering group.

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