Bibiane Freunberger-Rendl

Psychological Counselling Service for Students, Salzburg, Austria
Bibiane Freunberger-Rendl

I am Bibiane Freunberger-Rendl and I currently work as Deputy Head of the Psychological Counselling Service Salzburg, Austria. I am a clinical psychologist, health psychologist and psychotherapist. For the past 11 years, I have been providing psychological services to national and international students. My motivation to run for the position of Steering group member of the Expert Community Guidance and Counselling is based on my experience as a psychological counsellor as well as my interest in international higher education. 

In 2018, I became involved in the EAIE as an associate of Guidance and Counselling. At the annual EAIE conference, I had the opportunity to speak about mental health in a cultural context and to chair a session. Furthermore, my colleague and I organised a joint reception for the Expert Community.  

In the next two years, I want to continue to support the aim of Guidance and Counselling to offer a platform for networking and discussion for all EAIE members and any other higher education professionals involved in guidance and counselling of national and international students. I also want to support the EAIE in its values and in its aim to keep moving forwards. 

The candidate received 161 votes.