Arum Perwitasari

ETS Global, the Netherlands
Arum Perwitasari

I have worked in the area of language and culture for more than 12 years. I now work at ETS, a non-profit organisation that focuses on assessments. Previously, I was a language lecturer in Indonesia for more than five years and then continued my path as a researcher on linguistics.  

Being part of the EAIE Expert Community Language and Culture would be a great opportunity for me to apply my knowledge and experience. Having been part of the Expert Community as an associate for nearly two years, I feel I have played a major role in continuing the high standard of work, but I now want to do more.  

I am extremely passionate about language and culture and feel that this shows in the way I focus on my work. I feel that I could do more for the Expert Community as a steering group member, and that is why I am standing for election. I feel that I would be able to bring a lot of good qualities to the role and that I could do a lot for the community.  

The candidate received 57 votes.