Anne Sophie Hokkanen

University of Helsinki, Finland
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    • Mobility
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Anne Sophie Hokkanen

My name is Anne Sophie Hokkanen and I am a Specialist for International Exchange Services at the University of Helsinki. One of my key responsibilities is mobility advising at both university and faculty level, for both students and staff. 

My interests lie in developing advising and the processes connected to advising so that internationalisation becomes a natural part of the higher education institution and advising strengthens the quality of mobility. I hope to be able to share my expertise and knowledge in the field with my fellow EAIE members and at the same time receive new ideas from the community. 

Members and their experiences are what make the EAIE strong. I have broad experience of working in different organisations and networks, at both local and international level, and this has helped me develop my skills in communication and my ability to develop ideas for different audiences. 

Teamwork with a global perspective is something I enjoy, and I hope that this election will give me the possibility to continue working for the EAIE Expert Community Mobility Advising

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