Andrea Wehrli

Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
Andrea Wehrli

This is a job-share with Juliane Terpe.

My name is Andrea Wehrli and I have had the privilege to engage as a volunteer in the Language and Culture Expert Community since 2018. I grew up trilingual and lived for years in the French and German parts of Switzerland and in Brazil. I qualified as a teacher, a linguist and a lawyer and worked in different countries. Since 2006, I’ve been a professor of law at Bern University of Applied Sciences. I also teach German as a foreign language to our incoming students.

I’m active in several international contexts, connecting people and facilitating internationalisation. My research focus is dedicated to the legal–linguistic challenges of multilingualism through the lenses of diversity and inclusion. Having myself experienced the difficulties and pleasures of multilingualism, I truly believe that my extensive knowledge in this field allows me to empower the EAIE Language and Culture Expert Community in a significant way.

Languages serve to build bridges. I’m firmly convinced that a differentiated approach to multilingualism, coupled with mutual respect, will help us to achieve sustainable internationalisation of education for a better world. I would be honoured to share my knowledge and continue to serve the EAIE in this way.

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