Alice Nieboer

Radboud University, the Netherlands
Alice Nieboer

I am Alice Nieboer and I have been a Summer School Manager for more than six years. I have been responsible for organising the Radboud Summer School since its first edition in 2014. Through the years, our team has delivered a consistent, high-quality and personal approach, despite our rapidly increasing number of participants (from 270 in 2014 to 850 in 2019). 

Ever since the start, I have been looking for ways to expand course offerings for our students and to support the exchange of academic staff, by using our network and working closely with other European universities. It has been a tremendous learning experience – and sharing my experiences and knowledge with others has always been important to me. 

Over the years I have been invited to host workshops in the Netherlands and abroad on best practices in summer school organisation. In 2019, I was invited by Summer Schools Expert Community members to become a trainer in one of the EAIE workshops on summer schools. I have been an active member of the Dutch Summer School network for over six years, and as a member of the Expert Community Steering group, I would aim to help others develop their summer schools. 

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