Alfonso Diaz Segura

Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera, Spain
Alfonso Diaz Segura

My name is Alfonso Díaz Segura and I am Vice-Rector for Internationalisation at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia, Spain.

I have been an associate member of the Internationalisation at Home Expert Community since 2020, and for 20 years I have been working with all stakeholders involved in internationalising higher education. 

My current work involves designing and implementing internationalisation policies in the university, impacting both academic and administrative dimensions. This means designing, starting and making them sustainable in the long term, so I am committed to facilitating change.

The world is changing fast and we need global citizens with intercultural skills. Universities have the mission of providing them, and internationalising at home is the way to be inclusive and equitable. 

With my expertise, I would like to contribute to the EAIE community by sharing strategies to inspire, help and move our institutions systemically towards internationalisation. 

As Pessoa stated: “I am the size of what I see.” We must help everyone to have a better perspective of the world around us and generate the best impact in society. And this is only possible if we encourage our institutions to embrace the benefits of internationalisation.

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