Alexandre Looten

Maastricht University - School of Business and Economics, the Netherlands
Alexandre Looten

This is a job share with Andy Pritchard

My name is Alexandre Looten and I currently work as Recruitment Adviser for Master’s programmes in the marketing and communication office of the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University.

I am convinced that my student recruitment experience in France, Greece and the Netherlands, and also with partners across Europe, would make me a valuable asset to the Marketing and Recruitment Expert Community steering group.

The skills I have acquired and developed in my different roles – such as marketing strategy, data, social media and recruitment process optimisation – match perfectly with the mission of the Expert Community steering group and the expertise it wishes to share with EAIE members and conference participants.

I am sincerely grateful for all that the EAIE community has brought to me over the past five years, and it would be a great honour to get more involved and to be able to give back by serving as member of the Marketing and Recruitment steering group.

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