Alexander Heinz

King’s College London, United Kingdom
Alexander Heinz

My name is Alexander Heinz and I am Co-Chair of King’s College London’s Summer Programmes. Over the past two years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to serve as Chair of the Summer Schools Expert Community, working systematically to update what the EAIE is offering to its summer community.

How will we reconcile post-pandemic short-term mobility and sustainability? What will summer programming look like in 2030? Changes lie ahead, as we’ve made much progress in our EAIE community. Online campfires are allowing expert colleagues to meet regularly; inspiring EAIE training comes from our midst. We are on track to create a truly relevant forum designed to serve us in our different working environments. Short-term programmes can change the outlook of individuals and of international education. The Expert Community is a powerful framework within which to learn from each other.

My own interest in education innovation began when studying in Germany, France and England and has deepened through 14 years of finessing King’s summer programmes, their diversification, institutional collaboration and expansion overseas. Today, these programmes are amongst Europe’s largest and most diverse. I would welcome the opportunity, working with you all, to steer our community into this new world.

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