Aleksandra Ignacionek

Gdansk University of Technology, Poland
Aleksandra Ignacionek

My professional world is mostly about communication and image processes aimed at causing specific behaviours, from marketing through branding, video, creation, UX, promotion, PR, events, to international partnerships, negotiations, cooperation, and diplomacy. A decent, all-embracing person, I reject the mediocrity and ad hoc solutions.

I make things happen, connect people, build engagement and partnerships. Always looking for new possibilities to analyse the process of people’s choices and to test how human’s brains work. Probably mostly because of my business background and fields of studies: psychology and cultural institutions management.

I am always keen to meet open-minded people with passion, who are changing the world into a better place by starting with themselves, and I really hope to meet this kind of personalities here, in the EAIE community.

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