Akos Kiraly

Lancaster University Leipzig/Navitas, Germany
Akos Kiraly

This is a job-share with Gerrit Bruno Blöss.

My name is Akos Kiraly and I am running for election for the EAIE Marketing and Recruitment Expert Community Steering group. 

I am currently Director of Marketing and Recruitment at Lancaster University Leipzig in Germany, the first full branch campus of a public British university. I have been working in university marketing and student recruitment for the last 10 years, serving at the private university SRH Berlin as well as GISMA Business School and IEC Online, one of Germany’s leading student recruitment agencies. 

Student recruitment is therefore in my DNA. In the Marketing and Recruitment EC, I wish to represent both perspectives: agents and providers. I also hope to contribute to the EC based on my experience of setting up new campuses and establishing sales structures for universities.  

Within the EC, I wish to work collaboratively with members to share knowledge and experience from the student recruitment sector to ensure that we stand for excellence within the industry.  I am currently part of the EAIE Rainbow Task Force. Thank you for your support! 

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