Aisling Tiernan

Maastricht University, the Netherlands
Aisling Tiernan

This is a job-share with Betrand Laborde.

I am Aisling and I work at Maastricht University as a Policy Adviser for internationalisation. I believe that marketing and recruitment is an extremely valuable community and acts as the ‘front door’ when it comes to communication, promotion, branding, institutional positioning and ultimately access to education for students across the globe.

I have been involved with the Expert Community Marketing and Recruitment Steering group for the past four years and I would be honoured to continue to contribute to and learn from this dynamic community. I believe this is really a strength of the EAIE, and a dynamism that we need to further bring to existing and new members.

One of the projects I have been involved in the Steering group is “Profiling the professionals” where we gathered information from the EAIE community mapping out the roles of international marketing and recruitment professionals across Europe.  This survey brought some concrete data, showing trends helping us keep track of roles, responsibilities and needs within marketing and recruitment while moving with the times.

By continuing in this role, I would focus on connecting more closely with new and existing Expert Community members, bringing industry and education worlds of marketing and recruitment together and diversify the member base. I am enthusiastic and committed and it is my true pleasure to job-share with Betrand Laborde.

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