Rewarding excellence

With our annual awards programme, we recognise and reward the achievements of those in our community who tirelessly work to foster international higher education. We’re excited to introduce the six remarkable individuals that have just joined the ranks of EAIE Award winners. Three institutions have been shortlisted for the Institutional Award for Innovation in Internationalisation and the winner will be announced at EAIE Geneva 2018.

Institutional Award for Innovation in Internationalisation

Rewarding institutions that are actively engaged in the practice of internationalisation. Check out the three institutions that have been shortlisted to win this EAIE Award.

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How are the EAIE Award winners selected and recognised?

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    March-April: Members submit nominations online

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    June: Nominations are evaluated by the Awards and Talent Committee

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    July-August: Award winners are notified and announced on the EAIE blog

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    September: Awards are presented at the Annual EAIE Conference