Timely new EAIE Spotlight Seminar on refugees

Timely new EAIE Spotlight Seminar on refugees

This summer, from 9–10 June 2016 in Amsterdam, the EAIE presents a new Spotlight Seminar on what is one of the most pressing educational challenges facing Europe today. Following the theme ‘Integrating refugees into higher education: solutions for a generation on the run’, the two-day event – starting at lunch time on Thursday and ending on Friday afternoon –  is a chance for international educators to gather and discuss current needs and sustainable solutions for the future.

Join us for an interactive Spotlight Seminar focusing on innovative and inclusive European solutions to integrating refugees into higher education. The full programme, conveniently packaged into a productive two-day event, is already online. Sessions guided by respected expert speakers addressing a plethora of relevant topics surrounding the refugee crisis in Europe will be taking place on both days of the event. Their contributions will set the tone for discussions to follow, while also providing different perspectives on the topics at hand.

Participate in the conversation

“This Spotlight Seminar in Amsterdam is about bringing higher education practitioners together to share and learn what institutions can do for refugee populations needing to be integrated into higher education systems in Europe. The time is ripe for a debate and an exchange of ideas that starts with us and can contribute to future steps.”

Leonard Engel, Executive Director of the EAIE

Plenary sessions, with speakers bringing perspectives on the refugee question on a policy, institutional and personal level, will be followed by smaller Break-out sessions where specific themes and best practices will be discussed among groups of participants. Moderated by seasoned practitioners knowledgeable about particular topics, the themes of the smaller group sessions taking place in day one are Admissions, Integration, Language and Development initiatives. Day two will focus on Hosting scholars, Employability, Counselling and European-level recognition of qualifications.
Aside from the smaller group sessions, participants will have further opportunities to engage with one another to exchange ideas and share knowledge. The first day of the Spotlight Seminar will close with an Opening reception at the venue itself, with refreshments and hors d’oeuvres. On day two, a World café lunch – an interactive buffet lunch where participants have an opportunity to select a table with a specific topic for discussion – is taking place.

Tangible outcomes

The main conclusions from the Spotlight Seminar will be taken to the 28th Annual EAIE Conference in Liverpool and further explored through a track of sessions specifically focused on the refugee situation. Be a part of this important meeting and join the conversations that will contribute to our sector’s response to this crisis.
Registration is open and spots are limited so make sure to secure your spot today!