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27 Mar 2017

Profiling the international marketing and recruitment professional

With fast-paced digital developments, policy changes, and increasing global competition, international student recruitment is rapidly evolving. To succeed in this competitive environment, deploying the right international marketing methods is crucial. In the spring of 2016, the EAIE surveyed professionals at European higher education institutions on the effectiveness of different methods. This infographic provides a glimpse… Read more »

12 Jan 2017

Spotlight Seminar: the case for market segmentation

There is a well-known saying that goes, “an offer that is acceptable for all is perfect for no one”. This is certainly true, and competition is fierce in the world of international higher education. It is estimated that at least 7000 higher education institutions actively recruit international students – and that these students all apply to an average of five… Read more »

13 Jun 2016

Cooperation, innovation and influence in the refugee crisis

After looking at the bigger picture of the unfolding refugee crisis, learning about the values and role of higher education, and hearing from affected students and scholars on Thursday, the EAIE Spotlight Seminar continued the conversation into its second day. Several innovative practices were presented and challenging questions asked with a view towards continuing the… Read more »

10 Jun 2016

Resilience and strength in response to the refugee crisis

The first day of the Spotlight Seminar is behind us, and what a truly inspiring day it has been. EAIE President Laura Howard opened the day by reiterating the key role that the higher education community can play in the response to this crisis. Remarkable speakers set the tone for the productive discussions that followed… Read more »

13 Apr 2016

Timely new EAIE Spotlight Seminar on refugees

This summer, from 9–10 June 2016 in Amsterdam, the EAIE presents a new Spotlight Seminar on what is one of the most pressing educational challenges facing Europe today. Following the theme ‘Integrating refugees into higher education: solutions for a generation on the run’, the two-day event – starting at lunch time on Thursday and ending… Read more »

07 Jan 2015

In it for the long haul: lifelong career guidance for students

“An individual career is no longer ‘chosen’, it is ‘constructed’ through a series of choices we make throughout our lives.” This paradigm shift in career development was explained by Raimo Vuorinen from the Finnish Institute for Educational Research during the Closing Plenary at the recent EAIE Spotlight Seminar in Berlin on core elements of student support…. Read more »