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23 Aug 2013

Social responsibility: The time for action is now

Now more than ever, we are witnessing how people with disabilities, and their allies, worldwide are coming together to claim their human rights. These efforts include the rights of people with disabilities to higher education and the right to freedom of movement through international education and the personal growth, professional benefits, and social awareness that… Read more »

22 Aug 2013

Social responsibility: Enabling exchange for students with disabilities

“I was a bit afraid as a disabled person to travel on my own but I found that once I got here, I was assisted very well” says Sheena Overmeyer, the first North-South-South exchange student from South-Africa to receive an accessibility grant to enable her exchange. Sheena studied at Åbo Akademi University in Finland during… Read more »

21 Aug 2013

Social responsibility: Internationalisation of healthcare over a bridge

The mobility of people, linked to the desire to gain access to resources outside national borders, has been a feature of human behaviour from very early times. Improving students’ competence to understand the context of the global labour market has become an obvious requirement for universities. In healthcare professions, staff are increasingly expected to work… Read more »

20 Aug 2013

Social responsibility: Why we need strong research centres in the South

Is democracy in Switzerland still guaranteed? Will Berlin secure enough energy for its growing urban population? Why has debate about European debt outstripped the one in Africa? When talking about issues like democracy, energy and water provision or stable living conditions, a few years ago, we would have linked these topics to countries in Africa,… Read more »

19 Aug 2013

Social responsibility: Practical solutions for the science curricula

Civics and social responsibility have traditionally been considered a mainstay of the humanities subjects, where these topics easily became an underlying theme of lectures in history, law and literature. Where science lectures may have predominantly raised questions related only to scientific methodology, they are now beginning to explore solutions to practical problems that citizens, and… Read more »