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27 Nov 2015

Academic dugnad at the University of Oslo

This is the final of a week-long coverage on refugees in Europe on the EAIE blog. Yesterday we looked at NOKUT’s country-wide response in Norway in the context of this crisis. Earlier this week, we saw examples from German and Hungarian higher education institutions. Today, the last of five blog posts on the refugee situation in Europe… Read more »

26 Nov 2015

The Norwegian response to the refugee crisis

On the EAIE blog this week, we are highlighting responses and best practices to the refugee crisis in Europe. Today’s blog post revisits Norway’s country-wide response, in the context of the current crisis. Earlier blog posts this week have looked at both Hungary and Germany, and tomorrow we will be zooming in on a Norwegian case,… Read more »

25 Nov 2015

Experiences with refugee students in Germany

This week on the EAIE blog, we have been exploring the pressing issue of the situation of refugees in Europe. Having looked at Hungary, we now turn our attention to Germany, which has been very central to the discussions on this subject.  Today we present two institutional approaches to help incorporate this population into the… Read more »

24 Nov 2015

A university mobilised in the refugee crisis

This week on the EAIE blog, we are covering the very topical and relevant issue of the refugee crisis in Europe. While Europe-wide responses are still underdeveloped, local responses have emerged and, with them, best practices. Today’s blog post is from Hungary, an important point of contention in this situation. Countering hostility towards refugees, the Central European… Read more »

23 Nov 2015

The role of higher education in the refugee crisis

Earlier this year, at EAIE Glasgow 2015, EAIE President Laura Howard spoke of the important role that higher education can play in the lives of refugees entering Europe. This week on the blog, we have contributions from across the continent discussing local responses. We will be highlighting some of the positive ways in which higher education can… Read more »