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25 Oct 2017

Refugees in focus: a multi-stakeholder approach

On 12 September 2017, prior to the EAIE Conference in Seville, a networking event on the integration of refugees into higher education was hosted. The difference between this event and prior events is that this time it wasn’t about HEIs sharing best practices, but about bringing together different stakeholders to talk about next steps. Which… Read more »

12 Oct 2017

How to make a compelling case for internationalisation

As nationalism continues to grow in Europe and higher education budgets decrease, there is no better time to think deeply about why internationalisation is not only important but essential for higher education institutions. During the 2017 EAIE Annual Conference in September, one session offered dedicated space and time for Senior International Officers (SIOs) to reflect… Read more »

05 Oct 2017

A global language for employability: reflections from EAIE 2017

I recently attended the EAIE 2017 Conference in Seville which saw more than 6000 delegates coming together from 95 different countries to discuss topics related to internationalisation in higher education. At the conference I co-delivered a workshop with Dr. Simon Robson, Associate Pro Vice Chancellor from Northumbria University. The workshop was focused on introducing participants… Read more »

13 Sep 2017

Millennials in the workplace: educate for success

The next post-truth news headline is in the making. Business and Industry on Verge of Collapse!  No one left to manage our businesses and lead our companies. With the plethora of negative epithets bestowed upon millennials and the persistent whining about their perceived apathy we could easily be duped into believing that future social cohesion and… Read more »

12 Sep 2017

Developing internationalisation in Spanish higher education

If you’re lucky enough to be one of the more than 6000 people from 95 countries in Seville to attend the 29th annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition this week, you may be wondering about the higher education sector in the host country, and how internationalisation is developing in Spanish institutions. Many of you already know… Read more »

05 Sep 2017

A mosaic of cultures: 2017 Conference Conversation Starter

We are only a week out from the 29th Annual EAIE Conference in Seville. As you pack your bags for the 2017 conference, we want to give you a little food for thought before embarking on your trip. This year’s Conference Conversation Starter, a  slim volume addressing key issues impacting professionals in our field, takes us through… Read more »