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06 Jul 2017

Discover Seville: a city with a rich history and modern appeal

For the 29th Annual EAIE Conference in Seville, you will be visiting Andalusia, a region that stretches across the south of Spain. Bathed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Andalusia is home to immense diversity in its history, natural world and activities. We shared our top 8 must-dos in Seville… Read more »

14 Jun 2017

Discover Seville: Our top 8 must-dos during Conference Week

Seville is an enchanting, enthralling city in the deep southern Spanish region of Andalusia known for its colourful buildings and charming architecture–both old and new. In September 2017, the world of international higher education will gather in this captivating city for the 29th Annual EAIE Conference. To help you become more acquainted with the city during… Read more »

30 Aug 2016

Beacons of light: the 2016 EAIE Award winners

In a world where the need for international and intercultural collaboration is highlighted on what seems like a daily basis, it’s more important than ever to promote the values of higher education and recognise those in our community who are working to foster international partnership and exchange. That’s why we’re so proud to announce the… Read more »

20 Sep 2014

Let go of the vine! An interview with EAIE Conference speaker Sebastian Terry

Sebastian Terry, the brains (and brawn) behind the ‘100 Things’ campaign, a global movement of people chasing their dreams and helping others to do the same, flew from his native Australia into Prague to deliver a rousing keynote speech (barefoot!) at the Closing Plenary of the 2014 EAIE Conference. If you missed it, here’s an… Read more »

19 Sep 2014

No to independence, yes to a wealth of nations

It is official: Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom. There will be no independent Scotland for the foreseeable future. Yesterday’s referendum saw 55% of the voters choose ‘No’. A blow for Scottish Independence; a triumph for the ‘United’ Kingdom; an opportunity for the Scottish Parliament to capitalise on the power promises made by… Read more »

18 Sep 2014

The EAIE Barometer: initial findings unveiled

The EAIE, together with research and consultancy company Ecorys, has conducted a comprehensive European- wide study covering trends in international education and knowledge and skill needs among internationalisation staff. The EAIE Barometer is unique in viewing internationalisation from the practitioner perspective across Europe. The initial findings of the EAIE Barometer have just been revealed at… Read more »

18 Sep 2014

Does the internationalisation of higher education pay a peace dividend?

Those of us who believe deeply in the power of international education are often challenged to bring our passion for the internationalisation of higher education from the margins of institutional activity to its central priorities. In doing so, we are often dismayed that others do not share our conviction that the global engagement of higher… Read more »

17 Sep 2014

“What a human brain can imagine, can be achieved”

It’s Wednesday, it’s EAIE Conference week, and that means one thing: a buzzing conference centre filled with thousands of international educators all fresh-faced and eager to start their conference adventure. Exhibition stands are up, the coffee and tea (and for some, the wine) are flowing, and all around the vast conference venue old friends greet… Read more »

17 Sep 2014

New ways of learning: digital hype or cultural shift?

Digital learning in general and, more specifically, massive open online courses (MOOCs) are creating new opportunities and challenges for higher education institutions. The central question is how do we respond: ignore it as a passing fad or embrace it as a reality? An upcoming dialogue taking place at the EAIE Conference will provide an arena… Read more »