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30 Aug 2016

Beacons of light: the 2016 EAIE Award winners

In a world where the need for international and intercultural collaboration is highlighted on what seems like a daily basis, it’s more important than ever to promote the values of higher education and recognise those in our community who are working to foster international partnership and exchange. That’s why we’re so proud to announce the… Read more »

10 Mar 2016

Our pathway to internationalisation

In this final post in our series spotlighting the 2015 EAIE Award winners, the Director of International Office at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Uwe Muuss, shares the university’s internationalisation story with us. Winner of the 2015 Institutional Award for Innovation in Internationalisation, Göttingen was recognised for its exceptional efforts to ensure internationalisation within the university as a… Read more »

09 Mar 2016

Europe in crisis: what does it mean for mobility?

This next post in our series comes from Siegbert Wuttig, winner of the 2015 Constance Meldrum Award for Vision and Leadership. Having  worked for over a quarter of a century in the field of international higher education cooperation, Siegbert was honoured for his significant contributions to the political discussions on the development of EU education… Read more »

08 Mar 2016

Combating barriers to participation

With the call for 2016 EAIE Award nominations underway, we’re highlighting some of the 2015 Award winners and their incredible achievements. In this first post, Isabell Majewsky Anderson gives us some insight into the programme that won her the 2015 Bo Gregersen Award for Best Practice. Read about the University of Edinburgh’s ambition to offer… Read more »

31 Aug 2015

Inspirational leaders: the 2015 EAIE Award winners

This year, one institution and five incredible individuals have joined the ranks of EAIE Award winners, a remarkable group that has made outstanding contributions to the EAIE and the internationalisation of higher education. Each of their extraordinary and diverse efforts serves as an example of the high level of excellence that we all can aspire… Read more »

02 Oct 2014

Is comprehensive internationalisation feasible across the European Higher Education Area?

It’s difficult to identify a universal model of comprehensive internationalisation that would be relevant and effective in such a broad arena as the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) where, from one country to the next and sometimes within the same country, opportunities and obstacles that Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) face can vary tremendously. Read on… Read more »

01 Oct 2014

What’s research got to do with me? That’s just for academics, isn’t it?

In this blog post, Elspeth Jones, winner of the 2014 Tony Adams Award for Excellence in Research, shares her thoughts on research and why it’s important for every international higher education professional, regardless of their role. Read about her ‘research journey’ and get tips for directly applying your own informal and personal learning.