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12 Mar 2015

What is International Strategic Enrolment Management and what does it do for you?

Every day seems to bring a range of “tempting” offers into my e-mail inbox from suppliers of services to enhance our engagement with international students. Some recent examples include: “Are you looking to improve your Student Relationship Management Systems (SRM)?”; “New developments to support your international initiatives”; “Five ways to reach students at the right… Read more »

23 Oct 2014

Strategic internationalisation for business and management schools

The internationalisation of business and management education can be seen as a response to the globalisation of educational markets worldwide. Just like operatives in other industries touched by globalisation, management education providers have adopted different strategies in their search for progress and legitimacy. There is no doubt that business and management schools have shared elements… Read more »

11 Apr 2014

SEO & online content for international student recruitment: tips from the EAIE Academy in The Hague

Today we are wrapping up another successful EAIE Academy. It was a truly energising and productive training with 10 insightful courses and lots of fun events in the royal city of The Hague. We would like to extend our special thanks to the The Hague University of Applied Sciences for hosting the event as well… Read more »

09 Apr 2014

Cultural learning in education abroad: takeaways from the EAIE Academy in The Hague

The 2014 EAIE Spring Academy, our largest Academy to date, is now abuzz at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. More than 150 participants from over 20 countries joined the training, full of energy and motivated to expand their knowledge, develop action plans for their departments and make new connections. Here, we are providing you… Read more »

27 Feb 2014

Joint study programmes: the most integrated form for internationalisation

As Europe struggles with unemployment and economic downturn, the focus of the higher education sector should be on creating new knowledge to support innovation and growth. Why, then, is there so much emphasis being put on developing and implementing time- and resource-consuming joint academic programmes? Could it be that academic added value and student learning… Read more »

18 Feb 2014

10 best ways to fail a Strategic Internationalisation Plan

A Strategic Internationalisation Plan (SIP) not only needs to be well conceived and written, but also well implemented. Most higher education institutions have their own SIP either as a plan of its own or have internationalisation as part of a broader institutional strategic plan. But how many of those are both well designed and actually… Read more »

05 Feb 2014

Benchmarking your university: Why and how?

What reputation does your institution have in the higher education sector? How do you differentiate from the competition? How can you learn from those institutions you cooperate or compete with? Find out how to launch effective collaborative benchmarking projects with other universities to make more informed strategic decisions and improve your institutional performance in the… Read more »

31 Jan 2014

Comprehensive records are key to successful alumni strategies

Although the set up and scope of alumni relations offices may differ from country to country, there is an unmistakable trend across the board that alumni relations are becoming more and more integrated in the primary processes of higher education organisations. The increased scope of services and functions of these offices demand specific skills and… Read more »