Rewarding excellence in international education: the 2013 EAIE Award winners

Rewarding excellence in international education: the 2013 EAIE Award winners

Each year the EAIE acknowledges and rewards extraordinary endeavours in international higher education. This year, we are very proud to announce the outstanding university and professionals receiving the 2013 EAIE Awards. Every one has gone above and beyond, making significant contributions to our field. The EAIE and the Awards Committee recognise this dedicated work and look forward to honouring them at the 25th Annual EAIE Conference.

Institutional Award for Innovation in Internationalisation

This award recognises a higher education institution which has a demonstrable track record in strategic innovation in the internationalisation of higher education. This year’s winner, University of Helsinki, has gone one step further than most institutions. In the last eight years, it has become a true pioneer in the approach of embedded internationalisation, a method in which internationalisation is understood to be a key component in all university core activities and support measures. Learn about how they’ve achieved this by attending a special session in which representatives from the institution will share more about their approach.

Constance Meldrum Award for Vision and Leadership

This award, launched in honour of Constance Meldrum, recognises inspiring leaders for their outstanding contributions to the field, and goes to Professor Dr Maurits van Rooijen, Rector of the London School of Business and Finance. Many ambitious and innovative internationalisation projects have been initiated under his leadership and developed at a rapid pace, in some cases resulting in the institution receiving awards for innovation and internationalisation. He is being recognised this year as a continuous innovator and driving force in the international higher education sector for over 25 years.

Tony Adams Award for Excellence in Research

Launched in honour of Tony Adams, this award recognises a Master’s thesis, PhD thesis, article or paper that impacts internationalisation theory or practice. Currently Director of Research and Strategic Development at World Education Services (WES) in New York, this year’s award recipient, Dr Rahul Choudaha, is highly regarded for his research in the field of international recruitment and marketing. Both in his research and analysis of international markets as well as his work defining target groups and clusters of potential students, the stringent approach in which he bases his work provides valuable information that has direct applications for universities active in international recruitment.

Bo Gregersen Award for Best Practice

This award acknowledges an individual who has made an innovative contribution to the field of international higher education. Jeroen Torenbeek is being recognised this year for his efforts in setting standards for establishing and improving summer schools. As Director of the Utrecht Summer School, Jeroen’s involvement has helped it develop into the premier European summer school. Where many aim to copy his innovative, winning formula, Jeroen is always happy to share his expertise with others and has made his best practices available to all through various EAIE workshops, training courses and publications.

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award honours recent members of the EAIE who have already made a noteworthy contribution to international education. This year’s award goes to two exceptional individuals: Edwin van Rest from StudyPortals, the Netherlands and Alva Bruun from the Centre for International Mobility, Finland.

Edwin van Rest is founder and CEO of StudyPortals – the International Study Choice Platform – in the Netherlands. Described as young, smart, driven and extremely committed to international education, Edwin has covered a lot of ground despite his relatively recent involvement with the EAIE, and he currently serves as Vice-Chair of the EAIE Professional Section Marketing and Recruitment. The Awards Committee expects great things from him in the coming years.

Alva Bruun is Senior Programme Adviser at the Centre for International Mobility (CIMO) in Finland. She is described by her peers as being a young leader with integrity who is not afraid to stand up for her views. Having started as a Resource person for the EAIE Professional Section Educational Cooperation with Developing Countries in 2010, she was voted into her current position as Vice-Chair in 2012. The Awards Committee recognises this as a reflection of her dedication and clear vision for the Professional Section, and acknowledges the high potential for her future contributions to both EDC and the Association as a whole.

President’s Award

With this award, the EAIE President personally recognises an individual for his or her notable dedication to the EAIE and contribution to the field. Louise Stansfield will be honoured with the 2013 President’s Award. She is currently Senior Lecturer in Business Communication for the international degree programmes at Metropolia Business School of Helsinki at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Finland. She has been an active member of the EAIE since 1998, dedicating her ideas, time, experience and knowledge in various capacities over the years, mostly behind the scenes. She played an important role in the Professional Development Committee, helping to develop and implement the EAIE Academy, as well as setting up the Train the Trainers programme.

Congratulations to the 2013 EAIE Award winners! We look forward to honouring you for your accomplishments at the 25th Annual EAIE Conference in Istanbul.