Relive moments from EAIE 2015 in Glasgow

Relive moments from EAIE 2015 in Glasgow

It happens every year: the EAIE Conference goes by in a flash. Workshops, sessions and posters fill participants’ days, networking events fill their evenings and, like magic, the EAIE Conference universe that once immersed us all is suddenly gone. Luckily, the EAIE spends a lot of time and effort covering the week’s many highlights. Although only a snapshot, these images remind us all of a wonderful and productive time at the 2015 EAIE Conference in Glasgow. 

Whether you attended our conference and find yourself longing for sunny days in Glasgow, or whether you are just trying to get an idea of what all the fuss over the EAIE Conference is about, this video is bound to excite you!

While registration for the 28th Annual EAIE Conference in Liverpool in 2016 is not quite open yet, as of today, the call for proposals is! If you want to share your knowledge in Europe‚Äôs largest international higher education conference, this is your chance. The deadline for submitting proposals is 3 November 2015.

Learn more about how to become a speaker and make sure to read invaluable tips from the Conference Programme Committee Chair on writing a competitive proposal.