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04 Feb 2013

What’s new in Brussels?

higher education news & developmentsThe Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) held their annual seminar ‘What’s new in Brussels’ last week. I was there with a good crowd of like minded participants from many countries, even from as far away as South Africa. We were all of course hungry for information on the new mobility programme which goes by the working name ‘Erasmus for All’, the new research programme, ‘Horizon 2020’, and the ‘Internationalisation Communication’ strategy. Continue Reading
28 Jan 2013

Create the best welcome for your international students

Welcome week for international studentsAre you looking for ways to ensure a smooth integration of international students in their first week at your institution? With the growing popularity of student mobility, helping your new international students to settle in quickly and efficiently is becoming increasingly important for higher education institutions. Here are some tips on how to go about ensuring that your international students are made to feel welcome in their first week at your institution.   Continue Reading
16 Jan 2013

International fundraising starts at home

FundingAre you a university administrator who has repeatedly been told that the days of funding certainty are now over and that you need to look elsewhere for funds? Have you already had discussions about looking abroad because the state sector has no money and local sources of funding (national research agencies, foundations, corporations, etc) cannot be relied upon? Have you wondered how you should begin fundraising from international sources while having no prior exposure in this world?   Continue Reading
09 Jan 2013

Why are students with disabilities missing out on an international experience?

Every year thousands of students criss-cross the globe as part of international exchange programmes, but only a tiny percentage of them are students with disabilities. Within the Irish context, less than 1% of students with disabilities engage in student exchange programmes. Why is this? As part of my job at AHEAD, I have engaged with lots of students with disabilities on this issue and the overriding factor is fear, fuelled by a lack of information. “If I study abroad what support will I get? What if things go wrong?” Continue Reading
19 Dec 2012

Integration of international students at Christmas

With more and more students studying abroad, higher education institutions are increasingly implementing initiatives to ensure that their international students also get a chance to enjoy the holiday season, even though they are far from home, especially at Christmas time. Here we highlight the steps one university has taken to include international students in the festivities. Continue Reading
17 Dec 2012

International students at Christmas time: beating the blues

As the holiday season approaches and students return home to spend time with their family and friends, what about the international students left on campus who are unable to travel? Christmas can be a very daunting time of year for these students. If you’re working as a student adviser, or in any other role which gives you direct contact with international students, you might be called upon to provide emotional support. But how can you help? Here are some expert tips. Continue Reading
14 Dec 2012

Employability: International internships and enterprise gyms

  With the rapid globalisation of business and the advent of increasingly borderless careers, the graduates who will be most employable are those who demonstrate an understanding of the wider world around them and an ability to operate across cultures. Spending a period of time working in another country permits students to develop global employability skills and attributes which they will come to rely on in their future work. Continue Reading
13 Dec 2012

Employability: Rethinking internships for maximum effect

A major impact of the economic slowdown has been the decreasing numbers of graduates working with large-sized employers. In the UK, for example, less than 10% of graduates in their first job are on a graduate scheme with a major employer. In addition to this, jobless rates among those with higher education qualifications for the period 2008–2010 have increased in every EU country except Germany. So how can universities respond to a changing graduate labour market to improve the employability of graduates? Continue Reading
12 Dec 2012

Employability: Matching employer needs with student capabilities

TU Delft studentsMany graduates are struggling to find work due to increasing competition and fewer openings for new recruits. Concurrently, companies say that they cannot find graduates with the ‘right’ skills. Have universities lost track of the market and are they producing graduates that are not in demand? Just what can be done to bridge this divide? Continue Reading
11 Dec 2012

Employability: transferable skills that matter

The largest employers now receive an average of 83 CVs for each single vacancy. That’s a staggering amount and makes for huge competition among graduates. With the time it takes to look through all those applications, employers are becoming increasingly demanding, and graduates need to stand out from the crowd to have a chance of being considered. So just how can you ensure your students are noticed? Continue Reading