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21 Nov 2012

A great start to the EAIE Academy in Porto

The third EAIE Academy is in full swing here at University Fernando Pessoa in Porto. It started on Monday, 19 November, and will last for five days, featuring 11 intensive practical courses and a series of truly dynamic networking events. Having brought together more than 150 higher education professionals from over 20 countries, this season’s training programme is the most successful to date. Since it was launched in the autumn of 2011, the EAIE Academy has shown a growth of more than 50%. Continue Reading
06 Nov 2012

Pre-first-year programming for long term student success

In this age of increasing student mobility, more and more higher education institutions on both sides of the Atlantic are beginning to pay special attention to the youngest participants on the worldwide academic stage: first-year students. Why? High impact learning experiences early on can contribute to long-term student success. Institutions are increasingly required to report performance metrics such as student retention, time-to-degree and graduate employability,  so it’s no wonder that interventions like pre-first-year education abroad are becoming more attractive. Continue Reading
29 Oct 2012

Mobility: closing the gap between policy and practice

Does your university have a comprehensive overview of the mobility activities of staff and students, and of how these activities interrelate? With student and staff mobility increasing in importance, it is becoming imperative that those involved in strategic planning have a greater awareness of the mobility at their institutions. Yet strategic reflections on the many different types and aims of short- and long-term mobility are far from universal. Few institutions are equipped to respond to the growing conviction that mobility should be measured and evaluated.  Continue Reading
18 Oct 2012

Tips for managing the international office of your university

Managing the international office of your universityHave you recently started working in a managing position in an international office? Then you are undoubtedly faced with many challenges and issues: interesting ones and annoying ones. You will of course be competent enough to cope with the majority of these challenges yourself. However, there is always one issue that keeps on returning on your desk, that continues to chase you during the day or perhaps haunt you during the night. It could be related to strategy, organisation models, managing people, finance, time management, communication etc, perhaps even one of the following: Continue Reading
01 Oct 2012

Why worry about your website in the age of social media?

website optimisationAs international student mobility keeps growing all over the world, recruitment activities are changing. Meeting prospective students face-to-face at events and fairs, though still important, is starting to give way in importance to online marketing and social media. The international higher education marketing world is abuzz with training and best practices in online marketing, social media, QR codes, mobile apps, and more.    Continue Reading
27 Sep 2012

Alumni relations: cultural and institutional context matters

Alumni relationsHigher education institutions in continental Europe have been trying to define the role of alumni relations in their advancement strategies. While many institutions have incorporated alumni relations into their operational activities, these programmes have not undergone the same phases of development that their counterparts in North America or the UK have. What roles do cultural and institutional contexts play in shaping alumni relations strategies? What are the challenges facing alumni relations offices today?   Continue Reading
24 Sep 2012

Reflecting on EAIE Dublin 2012

EAIE Dublin conference wrap-upThe 24th Annual EAIE conference has come to an end. The theme 'Rethinking education, reshaping economies' ran through it all. For me a few things really stood out. Our keynote speaker at the Opening Plenary, Professor Sugata Mitra really challenged the concept of education and had all of us rethink education. Are we really doing it right? Are we being too protective of our old structures? The time when the teacher was the holder of supreme knowledge is over - knowledge is now accessible to all in a very different way - the teacher needs to be the mentor guiding the students, directing them to knowledge, with critical thinking, always questioning the facts. Continue Reading
13 Sep 2012

Social media: more listening, less talking

  Social media isn’t rocket science, you just have to be smart about it. It’s all about listening. Listening to your audience – in our case: students. It’s with this part where I still see many companies and organisations struggling. When I am asked to evaluate a web page, 9 times out of 10, this is the problem. The reason your web page or Twitter account is not effective, is because you’re not hearing about what your audience wants. You are only thinking about what you want to tell them.   Continue Reading