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29 Jun 2017

10 apps for international educators

As international educators we have our favourite, travel oriented, go-to websites and applications (henceforth referred to as ‘apps’) that we share with students and staff coming or going on exchange, as well as use for our own professional travel. Here is a list of a few of the hottest websites and apps. But, don’t stop there, add your favorite travel apps in the comments section and ‘appy traveling! Continue Reading
27 Jun 2017

The rise of European education networks

In 2016 not one, but two new university community networks with a focus on Europe emerged, with both stating that they have a new role to play in the European education landscape; namely, The Guild of European Research Intensive Universities (referred to as The Guild) and Aurora. To put this in context, in the last few years, there has been no other comprehensive European university networks created. Considering this, does the European Higher Education landscape actually need more Education Networks, considering the dearth that already exists? Read on to decide. Continue Reading
20 Jun 2017

Refugees in focus: A refugee voice

Refugees in Focus Hasina Shirzad is an Afghan refugee student living in Norway. With no official documentation proving her qualifications, Hasina began reaching out to universities with the hopes of studying to return to her career as a journalist. She was accepted, but can only study single subjects at this time. She is still working to have her qualifications recognised, and hopes to begin working towards a Master’s degree soon. For this ‘Refugee in focus’ blog post, Hasina shared her story with us. Learn what was helpful to her, and in which areas HEIs can improve. Continue Reading
14 Jun 2017

Discover Seville: Our top 8 must-dos during Conference Week

Seville SpainSeville is an enchanting, enthralling city in the deep southern Spanish region of Andalusia known for its colourful buildings and charming architecture–both old and new. In September 2017, the world of international higher education will gather in this captivating city for the 29th Annual EAIE Conference. To help you become more acquainted with the city during your downtime, we have put together a small list of the best that Sevilla–and the region as a whole–has to offer. Continue Reading
07 Jun 2017

Choosing the right images for international marketing collateral

For many higher education institutions, it seems that getting photos just right is one of the hardest parts of creating marketing collateral. However, they are one of the most critical components of your international recruitment strategy. After all, the reason you created marketing collateral in the first place is to persuade prospects to take action such as register for a webinar, attend a local recruitment event, or apply to your program. Continue Reading
01 Jun 2017

The future of technology in higher education

technology trends in higher educationTechnology continues to shape the internationalisation of higher education. Every year New Media Consortium and EDUCAUSE releases the Horizon Report that focuses in on the future of technology in higher education. Many of the findings are relevant to the work we do as international educators. The 2017 report was based on discussions with 78 experts in the field. This blog explores some of the report's findings and big-picture trends driving higher education technology adoption.   Continue Reading
31 May 2017

Joint Programmes: surveying the impacts on graduates

Joint Programmes in higher educationDual/Joint Programmes (JP) have been developed by higher education institutions (HEI) since the early 1990s. Today they are one of the main tools for the internationalisation of higher education in Europe. Most of the HEIs have a set of JPs in place, new ones are constantly created and funding at both the EU and the national level is becoming more common. Nevertheless, very little is known about the impact of these programmes on the future of the graduates both from the professional and from the personal point of view. This blog takes a look at an ongoing Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project (REDEEM) designed to assess the impact of these programmes on graduates. Continue Reading
18 May 2017

Facing outward: EAIE Geneva 2018

The Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition is on the move in 2018 to yet another European city. In today’s political climate, the time is ripe for serious discussions on the values of international higher education and how we can preserve them in the spirit of mutual understanding. The 2018 host city is no stranger to diplomacy and international collaboration, having been the home of the former League of Nations and now the United Nations European Head Quarters. It’s a very symbolic place to have these important discussions and to celebrate the EAIE’s 30th conference and our commitment to driving responsible international higher educationContinue Reading
17 May 2017

Research digest for practitioners: May 2017

This month’s Journal of Studies in International Education addresses topics from Germany and Portugal to Iraq to Korea and Malaysia. Articles focus in on the subject of student mobility and address such topics as the push-pull factors of international students, discrimination of mobile students, perceived risks of studying abroad, national evolution of student mobility, and low rates of student mobility in specific programmes. The main aim of the research digest is to bridge research with practice. We hope this blog serves as a teaser to entice you to explore the articles in more depth.   Continue Reading