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23 Nov 2017

Learning internationalisation strategy: configuring appropriate support

Speaking with our colleagues in the internationalisation community recently, we were struck by the current debate around the appropriate approach to internationalisation in the context of institutional strategic planning and the implications for the future configuration of support for international students. This blog visits the pros and cons of integrating international student services with home student services. Continue Reading
15 Nov 2017

Research digest for practitioners: November 2017

Journal of Studies in International EducationThis month’s Journal of Studies in International Education addresses topics from China and Korea to Germany and the UK. Articles focus in on many different aspects of policy making, among other topics, from governmental elite-making higher education policies to how policies construct international students as a marginalised population. The main aim of the research digest bridges research with practice. We hope this blog serves as a teaser to entice you to explore articles of interest in more depth. Continue Reading
08 Nov 2017

Opening doors: development teams for international higher education

How can higher education support internationalisation and produce graduates prepared to solve the complex challenges of today’s society? Challenges that include access and opportunity, cross-cultural skills development, diversity and inclusion, and a rapidly growing global population. International philanthropy teams offer higher education the network to influence sustainable and holistic internationalisation. Today’s blog makes the case, including real-life examples, for one potential solution. Continue Reading
31 Oct 2017

The interplay between national policies and internationalisation

In Europe, national level policies influence internationalisation efforts at the institutional level. Of course, the level of influence is different according to national context, but overall there is a relationship between European national policy frameworks and international higher education development. For example, immigration policies, funding instruments, regulatory frameworks and national strategic plans shape how internationalisation develops in an institution. Today's blog explores this relationship between national policy and internationalisation in higher education.  Continue Reading
25 Oct 2017

Refugees in focus: a multi-stakeholder approach

On 12 September 2017, prior to the EAIE Conference in Seville, a networking event on the integration of refugees into higher education was hosted. The difference between this event and prior events is that this time it wasn’t about HEIs sharing best practices, but about bringing together different stakeholders to talk about next steps. Which projects can be scaled up, how can we institutionalise projects, what is the next step? This blog post, part of the ‘Refugees in focus’ series, focuses on the outcomes of the event and how these are inevitably linked to a multi-stakeholder approach. Continue Reading
18 Oct 2017

Creating learning outcomes for international traineeships

Are you sure your students improve their generic skills during their traineeships abroad? We all might hope for that, but can we be sure that this is really happening? If we don't have mechanisms in place that will verify their skills gain, how do we actually know? Our students might tell us that it was a fantastic time and they learned a lot, but can they articulate which skills they actually improved and what evidence there is for that? This blog explores how to best design learning outcomes for students abroad – a topic that will be further covered at the EAIE Autumn Academy 2017 in Warsaw next month. Continue Reading
12 Oct 2017

How to make a compelling case for internationalisation

As nationalism continues to grow in Europe and higher education budgets decrease, there is no better time to think deeply about why internationalisation is not only important but essential for higher education institutions. During the 2017 EAIE Annual Conference in September, one session offered dedicated space and time for Senior International Officers (SIOs) to reflect on how they convince university leaders to invest in internationalisation. This blog highlights the discussion and some of the compelling arguments for internationalisation, shared by participants at the SIO session. Continue Reading
05 Oct 2017

A global language for employability: reflections from EAIE 2017

I recently attended the EAIE 2017 Conference in Seville which saw more than 6000 delegates coming together from 95 different countries to discuss topics related to internationalisation in higher education. At the conference I co-delivered a workshop with Dr. Simon Robson, Associate Pro Vice Chancellor from Northumbria University. The workshop was focused on introducing participants to the Higher Education Academy (HEA) Embedding Employability in Higher Education Framework and how this has been embedded at Northumbria. Continue Reading
27 Sep 2017

Expanding the roles of women in STEM

Women in STEM The fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), have traditionally attracted more male than female scholars on all academic levels. The disparity of interests between genders can be seen as early as secondary school. The resulting trend is, unsurprisingly, reflected in university applications – STEM disciplines tend to be dominated by male applicants. Additionally, mobile students in STEM fields are far more likely to be male. Today's blog, from scientist Joanna Bagniewska, explores the reasons female students lose interest in the STEM fields and shares some optimistic insight into how some organisations are working to address this trend.  Continue Reading
21 Sep 2017

Research digest for practitioners: September 2017

Journal of Studies in International EducationIt’s time for another Journal of Studies in International Education wrap-up. This issue addresses a range of topics from staff satisfaction and motivation in transnational education settings to an in-depth look at the results of an evaluation of a student mobility programme in South Korea, Japan, and China. The main aim of the research digest is to bridge research with practice. We hope this blog serves as a teaser to entice you to explore the articles in more detail. Continue Reading