Possible Futures: The next 25 years of the internationalisation of higher education

Possible Futures: The next 25 years of the internationalisation of higher education

What will be the next innovations of internationalisation in higher education? What will be the future benefits, risks and potential unintended consequences of the rapid evolution that international education has seen over the past 25 years and the next ones? As the EAIE celebrates its 25th Annual Conference in Istanbul this week, we are excited to announce a brand new publication which explores these very questions.

Authored by the likes of Hans de Wit, Jo Ritzen, John Hudzik, Philip Altbach and other highly respected names in the field, and edited by three past EAIE presidents as well as the current president, this publication marks 25 years of internationalisation and 25 years of the European Association for International Education.

The past 25 years have seen drastic changes and innovations in international education. Internationalisation of higher education has evolved from a strongly cooperative, mobility of students focused approach into a broad concept, embracing both cooperative and competitive dimensions.

In this timely publication, five chapters by teams of authors from different parts of the world place the key dimensions of this evolution in perspective: its conceptual development, the cooperation with other regions in the world, degree and credit mobility, curriculum (Internationalisation at Home), as well as the development of the EAIE itself over the last 25 years.

Interspersed throughout these chapters are 25 essays by key actors (scholars, professionals, leaders) in international higher education. These essays, as well as the closing chapter, look ahead to the next 25 years. It is predicted that internationalisation will change its form; social media, Massive Open Online Courses and technology will revolutionise the way we learn and teach; and networks of institutions will increase and expand. Although no one can predict exactly where international education is heading, this publication provides some fascinating food for thought.

On the eve of the largest international higher education conference in Europe, as more than 4500 professionals stand poised to embark on an exciting week of networking and discovery, this publication adds an extra dimension to the journey. Don’t miss out on this comprehensive exploration of international higher education!

EAIE members will receive a copy during the conference (or in the post with Winter Forum if unable to attend the conference). The publication can also be purchased from the EAIE website (orders will be dispatched following the conference).