A new Network is born: Joint Programmes

A new Network is born: Joint Programmes

The EAIE is pleased to announce the creation of a brand new Network on joint programmes. Networks expand the scope of our current 15 Expert Communities, encouraging professionals to join together and start a dialogue on a topic of increasing importance in our field. This new Network Joint Programmes will provide all those involved in offering joint curricula a platform for knowledge exchange and support.

The trend towards joint offerings

In order to make it more personally and professionally valuable for students to obtain a degree, institutions are drifting away from the traditional model of degree programmes and are now joining up to offer integrated curricula. This particular collaboration of two or more higher education institutions, and the resulting degree, has become the defining element of so-called ‘joint programmes’.
The number of institutions offering joint programmes over the last decade has grown rapidly, especially as a result of the Erasmus Mundus programme. The EAIE Barometer report revealed that the majority of internationalisation practitioners are currently working on developing joint programmes and have seen an increase in the number of these types of programmes at their institutions over the last three years. We’ve also seen this as a recurring topic on the EAIE blog.
Europe has been at the centre of this increasing interest, with the Bologna Process reforms paving the way for many improvements to joint programmes. However, many obstacles remain as a result of inconsistencies in the European Higher Education Area. The EAIE Network Joint Programmes provides a forum for discussing these issues.

A platform for all aspects of joint programmes

The EAIE members who initiated this new Network are strong proponents of joint programmes as “one of the most integrated forms of internationalisation”. Extending into many areas of higher education and involving numerous key players within an institution, it’s easy to see how joint programmes are relevant for a variety of international higher education professionals.
This new Network will highlight European and global developments and trends related to joint programmes. Identifying and sharing good practice, the group will support those in the EAIE community who are involved in the development and implementation of joint programmes both with European and non-European partners. In addition, the Network will strive to make national, European and global policy makers aware of practitioners’ experience, presenting the challenges related to joint programmes at relevant international events.
Learn more about the brand new Network Joint Programmes at the group’s official launch, taking place at EAIE Liverpool 2016. Join us to exchange ideas and forge new contacts with like-minded practitioners who either work directly with joint programmes or are interested in learning more about them.