A mosaic of cultures: 2017 Conference Conversation Starter

A mosaic of cultures: 2017 Conference Conversation Starter

We are only a week out from the 29th Annual EAIE Conference in Seville. As you pack your bags for the 2017 conference, we want to give you a little food for thought before embarking on your trip. This year’s Conference Conversation Starter, a  slim volume addressing key issues impacting professionals in our field, takes us through time.  In anticipation of the conference, the EAIE will publish three blogs highlighting the publication. Today’s blog introduces the key themes of the volume, as told by its Editor, Leasa Weimer.

Understanding the past

In this sub-theme, two authors address issues of regional European identity and politics over the past few decades. How does the past develop a path for the present and future? More specifically, should historical ‘semitic’ legacies be considered in the contemporary definition of European identity? How have the drivers of internationalisation, at the regional European level, shifted over time?

Tackling the present

Moving to the current time, two essays draw attention to the rise of nationalism and how this political movement influences the development of international higher education. How does nationalism shape and impact internationalisation efforts? How have the politics in Hungary targeted an international institution of higher education?

Building the future and beyond

Reflecting on the past and present, this sub-theme dives into the future of internationalisation and takes us on a journey to the Arab region and early education. How are anti-globalisation sentiments threatening the future of the cosmopolitan project? How is internationalisation developing in Arab higher education and where are the opportunities for future international collaborations? What can the field of international higher education learn from international practices and approaches to teacher education?

This week’s blog post series highlights two of the essays in the 2017 Conference Conversation Starter. Hopefully these teasers entice you to read through the thin volume and engage in critical discussions about the past, present and future of internationalisation.

Come back Wednesday and Thursday for two more pieces from Conference Conversation Starter authors! The full publication is available for download on the EAIE Events App and online, and you’ll receive your very own printed copy in your conference bag.

Leasa Weimer is Knowledge Development Adviser at the EAIE.

Leasa Weimer
EAIE, the NetherlandsLeasa is Senior Adviser for Knowledge Initiatives for the EAIE.