Lord Paddy Ashdown to speak at EAIE Istanbul 2013

Lord Paddy Ashdown to speak at EAIE Istanbul 2013

We are delighted to announce a new keynote speaker for EAIE Istanbul 2013: British politician, United Nations diplomat and respected commentator and author on International Affairs, Lord Paddy Ashdown. Paddy Ashdown will join us for the Opening Plenary to share his profound views on the future of international education in a turbulent world.

A highly respected diplomat with a lifelong commitment to international cooperation, Paddy Ashdown has spent his life on the international stage. His accumulated knowledge and experience gleaned from a life in international relations, politics and service will make for a truly riveting opening to this this milestone conference.

“I believe we are condemned, if you like, to live at just one of those moments in history when the gimbals upon which the established order of power is beginning to change and the new look of the world, the new powers that exist in the world, are beginning to take form.”

Paddy Ashdown will discuss the increasingly turbulent times the world is experiencing, sharing his views on how international education will pan out into the future. With the increasing importance of global partnerships and international networks, and the growing dominance of the East, the fundamental nature of higher education is changing. Join us for the Opening Plenary in Istanbul to discuss the implications, the challenges and opportunities presented in this changing world.

Paddy Ashdown replaces former keynote Elif Shafak who unfortunately can no longer attend the conference. To catch a glimpse of Paddy Ashdown in action before you arrive in Istanbul, watch his TED talk on the ‘Global power shift’.

Read more about the Opening Plenary and if you haven’t already registered, you can still register on-site from 9 September.