Liverpool’s Waterfront: dowsed in history and urban niceties

Liverpool’s Waterfront: dowsed in history and urban niceties

The Liverpool Waterfront, where the 28th Annual EAIE Conference is being held, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its imposing, distinctively maritime architecture is a gateway to the city’s industrial, colonial past. Its modern-day tenants – bars, museums, etc – are proof of its vibrant, worldly present. It’s virtually impossible to look out at the Mersey River and not be wowed by what our host city has achieved. Liverpool may be dowsed in history, but it sure looks like the city of the future.

One of the principal ports of the British Commonwealth, Liverpool’s role in the growth of the British Empire cannot be overstated. A true centre for innovation in architecture and technology in its day, Liverpool was a major harbour for the movement of people and goods for centuries. It was the departure port for European emigrants to America in the 19th century – and even a significant location for the transatlantic slave trade of the 18th century. For the history buffs among you, the free admission International Slavery Museum located on the docks addressing this dark but important period in human history is well worth a visit!

Urban renewal

The charm of Liverpool’s Waterfront in the year 2016 lies not simply in its past functions or present occupants: it’s the combination of both that makes visitors’ eyes twinkle. In December 2015, it was named England’s ‘greatest place’ by the Royal Town Planning Institute – an organisation for urban planning professionals in the UK and Ireland. It took many regeneration projects and much investment, but the Liverpool Waterfront was elevated from a historical site into a bustling urban space in a matter of years.

This industrial-chic marvel can be admired aboard the Mersey Ferry, which will let you view the full picture in all its glory. Many of Liverpool’s main attractions including the Merseyside Maritime Museum, The Beatles Story, Tate Liverpool, the Open Eye Gallery and, of course, the Museum of Liverpool are housed in this man-made marvel.

Night life and a foodie’s paradise

After its daytime function as the cultural heart of the city, Liverpool’s Waterfront blossoms into an upbeat night time hub. What you may or may not know by now is that the ACC, our conference centre, is right there too. So the good news is that you ever find yourself looking for a place to unwind or grab a seriously world-class bite to eat after a busy day at the conference, you won’t have to go very far. You’ll have ample opportunity to explore this breath-taking location and we urge you to make the most of it!

Don’t miss out

Many of our Networking events are taking place in and around the Liverpool Waterfront. This includes the most exciting Networking event of all: the EAIE Extravaganza at the exciting circus-themed venue Circo, taking place on Thursday night! On that same evening, the Thursday Dinner Deal will allow you to explore some of the area’s hippest – and most delicious – restaurants for a fraction of the price. We look forward to seeing you there!