SEO & online content for international student recruitment: tips from the EAIE Academy in The Hague

SEO & online content for international student recruitment: tips from the EAIE Academy in The Hague

Today we are wrapping up another successful EAIE Academy. It was a truly energising and productive training with 10 insightful courses and lots of fun events in the royal city of The Hague. We would like to extend our special thanks to the The Hague University of Applied Sciences for hosting the event as well as to ETS for sponsoring again our Academy. Below you can take a sneak peek into one of the courses, ‘SEO and online content strategies for international student recruitment’. 

We interviewed one of the trainers, Megan Brenn-White, Director and Founder of The Brenn-White Group, USA to get some tips on the topic:

“When it really comes down to it, working on SEO and your content strategy to improve international student recruitment results hinges on knowing (and prioritising) your target audiences. The ways that prospective students interact with a university online varies throughout the stages of the recruitment process, as well as between cultural and even disciplinary groups. Creating, managing, and curating content online – whether that’s on your own website or the vast network of other sites where students look for and find information about your institution – is an undertaking that benefits from careful planning, clear strategies and processes, and a dedication to continual optimisation.

Developing a better understanding of the words and phrases your key market segments use to search for academic programmes will also help you understand how to write more effectively about the programme and institution itself – which ultimately supports your goal of recruiting better fit students to apply for and enroll in your programs. Very importantly, take into account the various technical factors that will facilitate your website’s high ranking in search engines. 

For tips and takeaways from the other courses, make sure you check out the #EAIEAcademy hashtag on Twitter as well as the previous post on facilitating cultural learning in education abroad. You can also view photos from the event on our Facebook page. If you attended the Academy, remember to join the EAIE Academy Alumni LinkedIn group to continue learning and networking after the event.