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04 Oct 2016

Employer insights: What gets your students hired?

At EAIE Liverpool 2016, I had the privilege of organising an employer panel From learning to earning: employers’ perspectives on employability. [i]  In the session, representatives from multinational companies shared their insights into what they deem to be employable graduates. Our world café session was structured so that it would be as interactive as possible:… Read more »

30 Sep 2016

The first order of business in alumni communications

When developing a communications programme for alumni, the tendency is to start by thinking about the media you’ll use. Non-profit organisation business consultant Tim Miles suggests that you begin by asking: What is the first order of business? While many might say that the first order of business is how and what you want to… Read more »

13 Sep 2016

Graduate employability: from stigma to diversity

Universities now have increasingly diverse student bodies – including international students, students with disabilities and mental health issues, mature students, migrants, etc. These students are found in all study areas and research shows that they perform as well as any other student. But what happens upon graduation?  What is their experience of getting jobs and… Read more »

13 Jul 2016

Measuring ROI in international student recruitment

This week on the EAIE blog, we will be covering the summer issue of Forum magazine. This whole issue is dedicated to data in international education. We look at how it can be and is used, as well as collected by practitioners. Further to yesterday’s blog post on a similar issue, today’s blog post looks… Read more »

10 Jun 2016

Resilience and strength in response to the refugee crisis

The first day of the Spotlight Seminar is behind us, and what a truly inspiring day it has been. EAIE President Laura Howard opened the day by reiterating the key role that the higher education community can play in the response to this crisis. Remarkable speakers set the tone for the productive discussions that followed… Read more »

05 May 2016

‘Wisdom’ in international education guidance and counselling

Across departments and faculties, higher education professionals can offer counsel and guidance to international students. Consultations with academic advisors, international officers and programme coordinators can turn deep, meaningful and emotionally challenging for both sides. Advising students on fundamental life issues requires taking a stance regarding issues of identity and belonging, aspiration and self-esteem, and the… Read more »

13 Jan 2016

Crafting better crisis management strategies

Since the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris last November, many higher education international offices, faculty, students and parents have been concerned about study abroad. While several crisis management policies and procedures address how to handle student and faculty behavioural issues, currency devaluations, strikes, etc, few have expressly addressed preparing for or responding to terrorist attacks…. Read more »

17 Dec 2015

How higher education institutions welcome refugees

This year has been very eventful for the field of internationalisation. The EAIE Barometer was launched, the European Parliament report put a spotlight on our field, EAIE 2015 in Glasgow was again a major success, and the Autumn EAIE Academy was the largest one yet! When a great number of refugees moved into Europe, the higher… Read more »