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12 Sep 2017

Unity on campus: professional development for administrative staff

Today is the first day of the EAIE Conference and Exhibition, with the kick off of the week’s activities. Perhaps you’re looking forward to a workshop or session, or simply starting your conference week off at the Opening Reception this evening. Maybe you’ve signed up for a Campus Experience, where you will tour one of… Read more »

10 Jan 2017

Student mobility: Are you prepared for managing a crisis?

What would you say to a student who walks into the international office asking for a recommendation of a student exchange destination that is guaranteed to be safe? How does one balance ‘opening doors to the world’ for the students and managing the risks that are related to mobility? Is your institution prepared to act… Read more »

09 May 2016

Learning internationalisation strategy: engaging external support

This is the first in a brand new series of blog posts by Fiona Hunter and Neil Sparnon: Learning internationalisation strategy. Both authors have worked for many years in a variety of academic and administrative positions in higher education institutions across Europe, and now work as consultants in higher education around the world. As such… Read more »

05 Apr 2016

Key aspects of emergency planning for acute crises

The work done by international educators is deeply impacted by the risk of emergencies abroad and at home. These issues affect students and scholars in at-risk situations, but also the kind of preparation required by sending and hosting institutions. The upcoming issue of Forum magazine, currently in production, will look at how our conflicted world… Read more »

13 Jan 2016

Crafting better crisis management strategies

Since the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris last November, many higher education international offices, faculty, students and parents have been concerned about study abroad. While several crisis management policies and procedures address how to handle student and faculty behavioural issues, currency devaluations, strikes, etc, few have expressly addressed preparing for or responding to terrorist attacks…. Read more »

05 Jan 2015

What’s your internationalisation focus for 2015?

As we look ahead to a new year full of fresh opportunities and exciting potential, EAIE President Laura Howard shares some expert insights into what she believes will be the main trends pushing the internationalisation agenda over the coming 12 months. Now might be a good time for international officers to work on your communication… Read more »

18 Feb 2014

10 best ways to fail a Strategic Internationalisation Plan

A Strategic Internationalisation Plan (SIP) not only needs to be well conceived and written, but also well implemented. Most higher education institutions have their own SIP either as a plan of its own or have internationalisation as part of a broader institutional strategic plan. But how many of those are both well designed and actually… Read more »