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24 Jan 2018

Destination marketing: selling your university’s locale

Is your institution based outside of your capital city? Are you located in a country nobody can pin on a map? Selling your university’s location is an essential part of your conversation with prospective students. In today’s blog post, marketing professional Jemma Davies shares her top tips for ‘destination marketing’, an approach that promotes a… Read more »

23 Nov 2017

Learning internationalisation strategy: configuring appropriate support

Speaking with our colleagues in the internationalisation community recently, we were struck by the current debate around the appropriate approach to internationalisation in the context of institutional strategic planning and the implications for the future configuration of support for international students. This blog visits the pros and cons of integrating international student services with home… Read more »

12 Sep 2017

Developing internationalisation in Spanish higher education

If you’re lucky enough to be one of the more than 6000 people from 95 countries in Seville to attend the 29th annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition this week, you may be wondering about the higher education sector in the host country, and how internationalisation is developing in Spanish institutions. Many of you already know… Read more »

17 Jul 2017

Won’t somebody think of the students…?

The EAIE has officially launched the summer 2017 issue of its member magazine, Forum. This issue’s theme takes a close look at international students and what higher education professionals can do to ensure they have a positive international experience. It is also Forum Week on the blog, and in today’s post, Laura Rumbley, Chair of the… Read more »

07 Jun 2017

Choosing the right images for international marketing collateral

For many higher education institutions, it seems that getting photos just right is one of the hardest parts of creating marketing collateral. However, they are one of the most critical components of your international recruitment strategy. After all, the reason you created marketing collateral in the first place is to persuade prospects to take action such… Read more »

27 Mar 2017

Profiling the international marketing and recruitment professional

With fast-paced digital developments, policy changes, and increasing global competition, international student recruitment is rapidly evolving. To succeed in this competitive environment, deploying the right international marketing methods is crucial. In the spring of 2016, the EAIE surveyed professionals at European higher education institutions on the effectiveness of different methods. This infographic provides a glimpse… Read more »

12 Jan 2017

Spotlight Seminar: the case for market segmentation

There is a well-known saying that goes, “an offer that is acceptable for all is perfect for no one”. This is certainly true, and competition is fierce in the world of international higher education. It is estimated that at least 7000 higher education institutions actively recruit international students – and that these students all apply to an average of five… Read more »

17 Oct 2016

Why an editorial style guide is critical for higher education marketing

Universities are becoming increasingly aware of the need to manage their brand across diverse departments, programmes, and divisions. More and more, there are written guidelines governing how to use the logo, fonts, or colours, but the words themselves often fall through the cracks. Yet an editorial style guide is a critical part of ensuring that… Read more »