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18 Oct 2017

Creating learning outcomes for international traineeships

Are you sure your students improve their generic skills during their traineeships abroad? We all might hope for that, but can we be sure that this is really happening? If we don’t have mechanisms in place that will verify their skills gain, how do we actually know? Our students might tell us that it was… Read more »

27 Sep 2017

Expanding the roles of women in STEM

The fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), have traditionally attracted more male than female scholars on all academic levels. The disparity of interests between genders can be seen as early as secondary school. The resulting trend is, unsurprisingly, reflected in university applications – STEM disciplines tend to be dominated by male applicants. Additionally,… Read more »

13 Sep 2017

Millennials in the workplace: educate for success

The next post-truth news headline is in the making. Business and Industry on Verge of Collapse!  No one left to manage our businesses and lead our companies. With the plethora of negative epithets bestowed upon millennials and the persistent whining about their perceived apathy we could easily be duped into believing that future social cohesion and… Read more »

11 Sep 2017

Virtual exchange: How can it internationalise your university?

Tomorrow is the day: the largest event in international higher education kicks off on Tuesday 12 September in Seville. The 29th Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition has arrived, and with it comes a spate of opportunities to network, share ideas and collaborate. On that note, today’s blog is all about a relatively new and continuously… Read more »

22 Aug 2017

International officers finding their role in internationalisation at home

Though internationalisation at home is a relatively recent concept, it has already been embraced widely, particularly in northern and western Europe. Internationalisation at home aims to bring internationalisation to all students through the home curriculum. It is therefore primarily about teaching and learning, which implies that lecturers are increasingly becoming prominent players in internationalisation. After all,… Read more »

31 May 2017

Joint Programmes: surveying the impacts on graduates

Dual/Joint Programmes (JP) have been developed by higher education institutions (HEI) since the early 1990s. Today they are one of the main tools for the internationalisation of higher education in Europe. Most of the HEIs have a set of JPs in place, new ones are constantly created and funding at both the EU and the… Read more »

09 Nov 2016

Internationalisation at home: a sustainable alternative

The results of the Erasmus Impact Study gave internationalisation of higher education enthusiasts a powerful tool in the battle for more attention for internationalisation in the curricula of their home institutions. The message from Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth is clear: by studying or training abroad, students increase their job prospects…. Read more »

11 Oct 2016

Indigenising internationalisation: intersecting the global and local

Like many who study international education, I was pleased when 2015 brought us updated definitions of internationalisation, internationalisation at home and of the curriculum. i, ii, iii I then began to realise that, although these revised definitions attempt to more explicitly connect internationalisation efforts with educational and societal outcomes, they may not be sufficient to… Read more »

04 Oct 2016

Employer insights: What gets your students hired?

At EAIE Liverpool 2016, I had the privilege of organising an employer panel From learning to earning: employers’ perspectives on employability. [i]  In the session, representatives from multinational companies shared their insights into what they deem to be employable graduates. Our world café session was structured so that it would be as interactive as possible:… Read more »