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21 Apr 2016

Refugee qualifications: European guidelines

This week on the EAIE blog, we are highlighting the spring issue of Forum magazine on the theme of ‘Internationalisation in a conflicted world’. In our highly interconnected world, conflict increasingly affects us all. How internationalisation professionals cope with this reality is a key question in our daily practice. Today’s author stresses the international legally-binding… Read more »

17 Dec 2015

How higher education institutions welcome refugees

This year has been very eventful for the field of internationalisation. The EAIE Barometer was launched, the European Parliament report put a spotlight on our field, EAIE 2015 in Glasgow was again a major success, and the Autumn EAIE Academy was the largest one yet! When a great number of refugees moved into Europe, the higher… Read more »

24 Sep 2015

The fraud detective

There is something about fraud detection that spices up even the dreariest day at the office. Undoubtedly, those of us who have experienced the thrill of catching a fraudulent document have relished the details of their stories over and over again during an occasional chat with a co-worker or a colleague at a conference reception…. Read more »

23 Jun 2015

Automatic recognition is fair recognition

In order to facilitate student mobility, faster and more transparent procedures for the recognition of foreign qualifications are needed. A recently emerged concept is ‘automatic recognition’ of comparable degrees. The ‘Focus on Automatic Institutional Recognition’ (FAIR) project explores the practical implementation of the concept, formulating concrete recommendations on how to implement it within Europe. 

04 Feb 2015

Recognising qualifications of refugees: a Norwegian approach

Imagine moving to a new country. Maybe you have escaped from your home country in fear of what could happen to you. In your home country you were an engineer, philologist or maybe a geologist. You are knowledgeable and eager to contribute to the economy and society in your new country. Yet the chaotic situation… Read more »

26 Jan 2015

Are you strategising your scholarships?

Does your institution have a clear and well defined scholarship strategy? The very nature of scholarships – making funds available to enable deserving people to study – is in itself a laudable activity. But given a strategy and plenty of thought, much more can be achieved. In this blog post, the World Citizen Talent Scholarship… Read more »

14 Oct 2014

Creating country-specific admissions requirements

Planning and executing admissions processes for international applicants, with the aim of attracting the best possible students, is an ongoing process. One important part of this work is making sure that the documentation you receive for evaluation is trustworthy and comparable with your own academic system. Experience has shown many evaluators that this is not… Read more »

20 Aug 2014

Transnational education and the credential evaluator

Much has been written previously in EAIE Forum magazine and on the EAIE Blog concerning the various types of transnational education (TNE) programmes such as study abroad, dual/joint degree and branch campuses. The focus has been on identifying the different policies and methods. TNE programmes have been applauded for increasing student mobility and championing university… Read more »

22 Nov 2013

International credential evaluation tips from the EAIE Academy in Tallinn

Today is the final day of the Autumn EAIE Academy in Tallinn. It has been a very fruitful and dynamic week for the participants, with eight hands-on courses and four vibrant networking events providing them with lots of tips and advice as well as networking opportunities. This week, participants discussed subjects ranging from advising international students… Read more »