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07 Feb 2017

Making public-private partnerships work in higher education

There is growing interest, among public sector higher education institutions, in engaging with private sector partners to provide complementary services and expertise, and to share investment and risk. The challenges faced by higher education institutions are creating a new climate for innovative solutions, but there are a number of important considerations for anyone thinking about… Read more »

12 Mar 2015

What is International Strategic Enrolment Management and what does it do for you?

Every day seems to bring a range of “tempting” offers into my e-mail inbox from suppliers of services to enhance our engagement with international students. Some recent examples include: “Are you looking to improve your Student Relationship Management Systems (SRM)?”; “New developments to support your international initiatives”; “Five ways to reach students at the right… Read more »

26 Feb 2013

Practical considerations for international partnerships

Having a large number of partnerships around the world will not necessarily guarantee that your higher education institution raises its international profile and reputation, but it can play an important role in achieving these objectives. International partnerships provide opportunities to attract a more diverse student body, and to promote greater mobility of staff and students…. Read more »