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07 Jun 2017

Choosing the right images for international marketing collateral

For many higher education institutions, it seems that getting photos just right is one of the hardest parts of creating marketing collateral. However, they are one of the most critical components of your international recruitment strategy. After all, the reason you created marketing collateral in the first place is to persuade prospects to take action such… Read more »

17 Oct 2016

Why an editorial style guide is critical for higher education marketing

Universities are becoming increasingly aware of the need to manage their brand across diverse departments, programmes, and divisions. More and more, there are written guidelines governing how to use the logo, fonts, or colours, but the words themselves often fall through the cracks. Yet an editorial style guide is a critical part of ensuring that… Read more »

23 Aug 2016

Four simple ways to stand out in a crowded higher education market

Many institutions and programmes worry about how they can show how different they are from their competitors, which makes certain logical sense. If prospects are considering a number of options (as they do!), it feels right that you’d have to show them exactly why your programme stands out. Here’s the problem with that approach: higher… Read more »

30 Sep 2013

Avoiding the 5 most common mistakes in translating marketing materials

Translation quality can dramatically impact the way a prospective student, partner institution, or other important audience perceives your institution. Universities devote ample time and money translating their marketing materials to reach their international audiences – so how is it that many still end up publishing subpar translations? Here are five common pitfalls to avoid in… Read more »