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12 Dec 2017

Sustainable Development Goals: your inspiration to make a change

What do no poverty, zero hunger, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, and quality education have in common? Along with twelve other key objectives, these issues feature among the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are laudable and, of course, important for the challenging times in which we live, but why should… Read more »

17 Jul 2017

Won’t somebody think of the students…?

The EAIE has officially launched the summer 2017 issue of its member magazine, Forum. This issue’s theme takes a close look at international students and what higher education professionals can do to ensure they have a positive international experience. It is also Forum Week on the blog, and in today’s post, Laura Rumbley, Chair of the… Read more »

19 Apr 2017

Regionalisation in international education

This week, the EAIE is launching the spring 2017 issue of its member magazine Forum. Each Forum is themed, and this issue we take a closer look at the relationship between regionalisation and international education. Are these opposite concepts? How is regionalisation affected by rising nationalism? In today’s blog post, Laura Rumbley, Chair of the… Read more »

18 Apr 2016

Internationalisation in a conflicted world

This entire week on the EAIE blog, we are highlighting the spring issue of Forum magazine on the topic of ‘Internationalisation in a conflicted world’. Conflict comes in many shapes and sizes and perhaps always has. Yet, in our highly interconnected world, conflict increasingly affects us all. How internationalisation professionals cope with conflict in its many… Read more »

04 Sep 2013

Global partnerships in higher education: views from near and far

What do the rector of the University of Zagreb, the president of the International Association of Universities, a former Egyptian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the American Council on Education’s presidential adviser for global initiatives, all have in common? Each of these individuals has crafted a thoughtful essay on the EAIE’s Annual… Read more »