A special EAIE Conference announcement!

A special EAIE Conference announcement!

When you think of Istanbul and Turkey, what comes to mind? Atmospheric bazaars, relaxing hammams, indulgent sweets, hand-woven carpets, beautiful ceramics…the EAIE Conference? Yes, that’s right! The 25th Annual EAIE Conference will be taking place in Istanbul in 2013!

Celebrating our 25th Annual Conference calls for a very special location, and we think Istanbul fits the bill perfectly. The only city in the world built on two continents, Istanbul quite literally forms the bridge between Europe and Asia. This former European Capital of Culture (2010), straddling the waters of the Bosphorus, has ruled three different empires in ancient history. Istanbul today is undergoing a dramatic renaissance, and positively bubbles with a bold new energy stemming from a melting pot of cultural influences. It is this myriad of cultures and the city’s close ties with both Europe and Asia that make it an easy choice for the location of our next (and very special!) EAIE Conference.

Weaving the future of global partnerships

The EAIE’s outward looking vision, growing diversity, and continued dedication to promoting international and intercultural collaborations in higher education will find a home in this stunning city for one week in September 2013. The theme of the conference is ‘Weaving the future of global partnerships’. Set against the backdrop of this multi-cultural city of contrasts, we’re confident that the conference will provide the inspiration for developing new and fruitful partnerships amongst participating institutions whilst also providing a dynamic arena for individuals to share knowledge and experiences.

Save the date!

So if you’re interested in visiting the country which first introduced coffee to Europe, the country which gave the Dutch their tulips; and you’d like to learn all about the very latest developments in international higher education, make a note in your diary for the 25th Annual EAIE Conference: 10–13 September 2013. Come along and join the EAIE celebrations!