2023 Spring Forum launch: Risk and response

2023 Spring Forum launch: Risk and response EAIE Forum

The EAIE is excited to launch the Spring 2023 edition of Forum magazine on the theme of ‘Risk and response’. Through a series of contributions from international higher education professionals, this edition of the EAIE’s member magazine looks at what we as a sector have learned from the series of crises faced in recent years, and how we can prepare ourselves to respond to the myriad of known and unknown challenges that lie ahead.

If the last several years have taught us anything, it is to always be prepared for the unexpected. The Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic surely remain top of mind for most of us, but let us not forget the whole host of other challenges that have presented obstacles in the path towards internationalising higher education in recent years. From refugee crises and threats to academic freedom, to geopolitics and climate change and market pressures on higher education, uncertainty is a constant backdrop to our work. This raises the question: what do we do?

With this edition of Forum magazine, 16 authors representing perspectives from 11 different countries across the world seek to address these questions and others related to risk management in today’s rapidly changing higher education landscape. From Alejandra Vicencio’s compelling story about how Northumbria University managed 324 exchanges in the midst of COVID-19, to DAAD Secretary General Kai Sicks’ insistence that “whatever else happens, science diplomacy never ends”; from Jérôme Rickmann and Kirsi Kettula’s illumination of Aalto University’s calculated yet nuanced approach to risk assessment, to Janet B. Ilieva and Vicky Lewis’ dive into the complexities of UK-China relations; the Spring 2023 edition presents a diversity of perspectives on expecting the unexpected in higher education today.

EAIE members will be receiving their print copy of Forum in the coming weeks, and can enjoy full digital access via the Member Centre. Not a member yet? Download and peruse our Editor’s pick for a preview of what you’re missing. Join the social media conversation with us this week on #EAIEForum, and keep an eye on the EAIE blog for another preview of a featured Forum article later this week.

Spring Forum: Risk and response

What have we learned from the various crises that have unfolded in recent years, and how can we prepare ourselves to respond to the variety of known and unknown challenges that await? Read the latest edition of Forum for insights and analysis.