Cream of the crop! 2014 EAIE Award winners unveiled

Cream of the crop! 2014 EAIE Award winners unveiled

After 25 years, the EAIE remains dedicated to recognising institutions and individuals who have gone to extraordinary lengths to internationalise higher education. In this special anniversary year, we are particularly excited to reveal the 2014 EAIE award recipients. Not only are their accomplishments visible evidence of the exceptional individuals we have in the EAIE community, they showcase their outstanding commitment to internationalising higher education. Come join us in recognising the achievements of this diverse group at the 26th Annual EAIE Conference.

Institutional Award for Innovation in Internationalisation

The EAIE Institutional award distinguishes a European higher education institution which truly exhibits an innovative approach to internationalisation. This year’s winner, Coventry University, boasts a Model for Progression in International Experience wherein students are central, active partners in internationalisation activities. Their comprehensive strategy ensures that all students benefit from varied forms of international experience progressively throughout their university lifecycle. Come listen to representatives from the institution explain how they’ve succeeded in providing this international experience for all students in a special session at the 26th Annual EAIE Conference.

Transatlantic Leadership Award

Supported by a substantial endowment from long-time EAIE member and past President’s award winner, Jim Frey, this award recognises leadership in transatlantic cooperation. John Hudzik, the recipient of this year’s award, is currently a professor at Michigan State University, as well as past President of NAFSA and a NAFSA Senior Scholar for Internationalization. He is a well-known figure in the world of international higher education on both sides of the Atlantic, and is acknowledged as an outstanding advocate for mutual understanding and respect.

Tony Adams Award for Excellence in Research

This award honours the legacy of Tony Adams by recognising research which has had a significant impact on internationalisation theory or practice. This year’s award recipient, Elspeth Jones, is Emerita Professor of Internationalisation of Higher Education at Leeds Metropolitan University. She has a substantial volume of work, most of which has great influence in the day-to-day practice of international education. A very prolific Tweeter, she makes her research available to all.

Bo Gregersen Award for Best Practice

This year’s Bo Gregersen Award, acknowledging an innovative contribution to the field of international higher education, goes to a network of Catalan universities, The Green Cockatoo. A bottom-up initiative of a group of international officers, this local network shares experiences, problems and best practices in the day-to-day work of their respective International Relations Offices, and has collectively established a set of internationalisation indicators that were adopted by the Catalan government and the Spanish University system. The EAIE commends the group’s successful way of working together and supporting each other on a local level in order to be more effective in their work in international higher education.

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award honours a newer EAIE member whose contributions have shone greatly in just a short time. Jennifer Valcke of the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium is one such individual and we’re delighted to recognise her as this year’s Rising star award recipient. Jennifer is increasingly active in the field and within the EAIE on the Board of the Expert Community Languages for Intercultural Communication and Mobility (LICOM). An engaged and enthusiastic individual, she is open to discussing strategic issues that concern the EAIE, and has proven to be an asset to the organisation.

President’s Award

Recognised for her remarkable dedication to the EAIE, Linda Johnson will be honoured with the 2014 President’s Award. An active member of the EAIE since its inception, Linda is an excellent example of a committed individual who has served in various leadership positions over the years, including as the founding Chair of the EAIE Expert Community Economics and Business Studies (EBS) and the President of the Association, as well as a member of the Publications Committee and Series Editor for the Occasional Papers. With this award, the EAIE President personally acknowledges Linda for offering her precious time, input, knowledge and experience for the betterment of the EAIE. Linda is currently Executive Secretary at the International Institute of Social Studies/Erasmus University.

Many congratulations to the 2014 EAIE Award winners on their tremendous achievements! We look forward to honouring these role models and leaders in international higher education at the EAIE’s 26th Annual Conference in Prague.