European Association for International Education

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Training overview

The EAIE Academy: top-class training for international educators

Enhance your skills in internationalisation, boost the performance of your department and step up your career ladder. The EAIE Academy offers you the complete mix of training opportunities for a successful career journey: in the city, in-house and webinars.

We train in credential evaluation, marketing and recruitment, management, intercultural communication, student services, policy, strategy and more. Our trainers are experts in the field and will equip you with cutting-edge knowledge, key tactics and innovative tools.

In the city

Every spring and autumn you can choose from 10+ in-depth courses and spend up to one week in an exciting city in Europe learning from experts, sharing experiences and drawing up an action plan in a small personalised class. You will also be able to mingle with all the other training attendees - more than 150 attendees from over 20 countries - in the vibrant networking events around the city.


Does your department need step-by-step guidance on a specific subject matter? Or maybe you're looking for an in-depth assessment of your work? We provide existing courses as in-house tailored training or develop new courses on topics relevant for you and your institution. Contact us if you are interested.


Fuel your daily tasks with quick blasts of crucial knowledge. If you are missing a certain component that could make your work easier, the EAIE Webinars are the solution. In just 60 minutes and from anywhere in the world you will get the tools, tips and tricks that you need to quickly maximise your productivity.

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