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Occasional Papers

Featuring detailed exploration of topics based around a collective theme in international education, the EAIE Occasional Papers are book-length publications introducing different concepts and viewpoints with each new edition.

EAIE members receive a free hard copy of each Occasional Paper at the time of publication. All other copies (subject to circulation availability) can be purchased from the EAIE. To download the electronic versions of the last two Occasional Papers (22 and 23), log in to the Member Centre. Non-members can also purchase Occasional Papers from the EAIE.

Occasional Paper Series

Below is an overview of the entire series. Those volumes marked with an asterisk are no longer available in print. 

OP 23: 
Democratising knowledge for global development: the role of European higher education institutions
edited by Han Aarts, Tor Halvorsen and Peter Taylor (2011)

OP 22: Measuring success in the internationalisation of higher education
edited by Hans de Wit (2009)

OP 21: Legal aspects of higher education in an international context: disputes, resolutions, methods and safeguards
edited by Tim Birtwistle (2008)

OP 20: Internationalisation at Home: ideas and ideals
edited by Hanneke Teekens (2007)

OP 19: The impact of tuition fees on international student recruitment
edited by Thijs van Vugt and Tim Rogers (2006)

OP 18*: Effective strategic management of internationalisation
by Minna Söderqvist and Christine Parsons (2005)

OP 17: I gotta use words when I talk to you: English and international education
edited by Michael Woolf (2005)

OP 16: Culture matters
by Jeanine Hermans and Margaret D Pusch (2004)

OP 15: The multinational university
by Maurits van Rooijen, David R Jones and Stephen Adam (2003)

OP 14*: The Chief International Education Administrator (CIEA) as an agent for organisational change
by Manfred Thullen, John D Heyl and Blaine Brownell (2002)

OP 13: International alumni relations
edited by David Richardson (2001)

OP 12* International education: towards a critical perspective
edited by Hilary Callan (2000)

OP 11*: 50 years of international cooperation and exchange between the United States and Europe: European views
edited by Hans de Wit (1998)

OP 10: Internationalisation and quality assurance: goals, strategies and instruments
edited by Urbain J DeWinter (1996)

OP 9: Crisis across frontiers: impacts, readiness and response strategies for international educators
edited by Hélène Ulleroe (1995)

OP 8* Policy and policy implementation in internationalisation of higher education
edited by Peter Blok (1995)

OP 7*: International education: a question of quality
by Alan Smith (1994)

OP 6*: Le budget de l'étudiant et son financement en Europe, étude réalisée par Hélène Ulleroe, sous la direction de France Gamerre, Président de l'EAIE 1993
(Publiée avec le soutien de la CASDEN-Banque Populaire, France) (1994)

OP 5*: Europe and beyond: issues in North–South cooperation
edited by Han Aarts and Kjetil Flatin (1993)

OP 4*: Academic cooperation between the Member States of the European Union and the Newly Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union: a reference guide
co- published by the EAIE and EC Tempus Office (1993)

OP 3*: Internationalisation of higher education in The Netherlands: a reference guide
co-published by the EAIE and Nuffic (1993)

OP 2*: International education in Europe: a professional view on the Memorandum on Higher Education in the European Community (1992)

OP 1*: Mass higher education in Europe: implications for student mobility and international education
by Peter Scott (1992)
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