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To order any of the Occasional Papers, the Internationalisation Handbook or the Professional Development Series (toolkits), please visit the EAIE Webshop

If you wish to order the Journal of Studies in International Education, please visit Sage Publications. If you are an EAIE member you can subscribe to it for a special price of €10 per year. Please contact the EAIE Office to arrange your subscription.

Professional Development Series for International Educators

Volume 5: International Summer Schools: (€25)
Volume 4: Internationalisation and quality assurance: (€25)
Volume 3: Marketing your institution internationally (€20)
Volume 2: Implementing Internationalisation at Home (€15)
Volume 1: Managing an international office (€15)

Occasional Papers

Occasional Paper 24: Staying global: how alumni relations advances the agenda (€30)

Occasional Paper 23: Democratising knowledge for global development: the role of European higher education institutions (€25)
Occasional Paper 22: Measuring success in the internationalisation of higher education (€25)
Occasional Paper 21: Legal aspects of higher education in an international context: disputes, resolutions, methods and safeguards (€15)
Occasional Paper 20: Internationalisation at Home: ideas and ideals (€15)
Occasional Paper 19: The impact of tuition fees on international student recruitment (€15)
Occasional Paper 17: I gotta use words when I talk to you: English and international education (€15) 
Occasional Paper 13: International Alumni Relations (€15)
Occasional Paper 10: Internationalisation and quality assurance: goals, strategies and instruments (€15)
Occasional Paper 9: Crisis across frontiers: impacts, readiness and response strategies for international educators (€15)

* Indicates limited stocks available

Special publications

EAIE Anniversary Publication 2013: Possible futures: the next 25 years of the internationalisation of higher education (€45)

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