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Here you can view the current projects that the EAIE is actively involved in.

European Parliament study on internationalisation of higher education

Recognising the prevalence of internationalisation in today’s higher education landscape and the importance of having comprehensive comparative research on the topic, the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education has commissioned a research study on internationalisation of higher education. The EAIE is part of the research project consortium selected to deliver the study.

Leadership needs in international education

The development of advanced leadership and management capability among up and coming professionals in the field is crucial to the advancement of international education worldwide.

EU project MIMI

As part of the EU-project MIMI (Modernisation of Institutional Management of Internationalisation in South Neighbouring Countries: towards an Internationalisation Management Model), the EAIE supports the development of an Internationalisation Management Model at participating institutions as well as facilitating the set-up of an Arab Network for Internationalisation (ANI).

IRIS project in Israel

Sharing knowledge through peer to peer training is one of the core elements of the EAIE’s mission. As part of the EU-project IRIS (Fostering academic international relations in Israeli colleges to promote education, research and innovation), the EAIE facilitates the development and implementation of internationalisation strategies and processes in Israel.

Linking Europe, the MENA and the Gulf region

Reaching out and engaging with the higher education community in other world regions to advance internationalisation is of high importance to the EAIE. Through the LINKING-MED-GULF project, the EAIE has started a dialogue with higher education institutions and associations from the MENA and Gulf region in an attempt to promote synergy and partnerships between institutions and industry in these regions.

Response to the Modernisation Agenda

The professionalisation of our membership, and internationalisation as a whole, is a crucial part of the EAIE’s mission. As such, the Association has been playing an active role in an EU-funded Lifelong Learning Programme (ERASMUS) project, MODERN – European Platform Higher Education Modernisation.

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