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Policy & Advocacy

By providing our professional input in strategic discussions with key European stakeholders, we help to enact effective change in the international education arena. Here you can view our current contributions to future European policy developments.


As of January 2014, the European Commission is offering its education, training, youth and sports programmes under one umbrella programme, Erasmus+ (formerly known as ERASMUS for All).The programme has received a significantly increased budget of €14.7 billion for the next seven years.

The International Student Mobility Charter

The number of students choosing to study abroad is increasing and at the same time international students are affected by budget cuts, stricter visa rules and less hospitable attitudes around the world.

IAU Call for Action

The benefits of internationalisation are widely known and championed, but what about the negative effects? Concerns have increasingly been expressed that internationalisation may increase brain drain and create more homogeneous prestige-seeking institutions due to global competition and the prevalence of university rankings.

EHEA Ministerial Conference

As part of its advocacy work, the EAIE, represented by President Hans-Georg van Liempd, joined ministers of the 47 member countries of the European Higher Education Arena (EHEA), the European Commission, and consultative members for the 8th Bologna Ministerial Conference in Bucharest, Romania in April 2012.

Digital Student Data Portability: The Groningen Declaration

As student mobility is growing in popularity, students are increasingly earning educational credentials from more than one higher education institution, and often from institutions in different countries.

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